FAA / SAFEty / insurance

  • FAA part 107

Shifted Cinema is an FAA certified operation under the most recent round of FAA regulations (Part 107).  This means we are fully legal to operate on closed sets within the United States.  This also makes the permitting process in foreign countries far easier to acquire.  In addition to our Part 107 certification, our PIC's (or Pilot In Command) are trained full scale aircraft pilots and have been trained to operate in the National Airspace with a foundation in Aeronautical Decision Making (or ADM).  Safety is always priority number one.

  • Night Operations

Shifted Cinema was granted and carries an FAA exemption waiver that grants our operation the ability to legally operate after local twilight (the otherwise legal operating deadline for other drone operations) and well into the night.

  • Insurance

Not something anyone wants to rely on, but a necessary intangible.  Shifted Cinema is fully insured with Worker's Comp., liability, and airborne UAV coverage.  

  • Safety

We have a fleet of RC helicopters and gimbals to achieve the vision of your production.  Each heli is purpose built, and operate with the latest in camera stabilization systems to produce the cleanest footage in the industry. Our aircraft and handheld gimbals are meticulously maintained in-house to assure reliability and safety.  With a rapidly expanding industry, on set crashes by inexperienced pilots or improperly maintained aircraft have become more frequent. Safety is our upmost concern, and where two decades of knowledge and experience sets our operation apart from the masses.